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Tudo começou quando o Líder do Metanóia #MudeSuaMente (Thiago Amaral) decidiu fazer um evangelismo na parada gay de Copacabana/RJ No Inicio ele chamou a equipe Metanóia pra ir com ele, mas ele foi além disso, ele decidiu ... TRICKED YA WITH THE THUMBNAIL! Had a super time, hope you all had a good weekend! Mask made by Go check him out and say hi :D
Good afternoon beauties!!! Ok so it's Sunday right, so I get to talk about whatever I want yayy! haha. So today I go off on a rant about the new 007 Bond movie, Skyfall. Now if you haven't seen it, don't watch this video...lots of spoiler aler ...
In Barbershop getting my haircut and noticed the hot shave

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